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A recent trend noticed among the students is that they tend to get their assignments as well as projects completed by the various online assignment help providing websites like UKessay and various others. It is due to enormous amount of syllabus, that the students are needed to complete during the course of their course work as well as the busy and hectic lifestyle that they follow.

Therefore, the students get very little time to complete their assignments within the stipulated deadline prescribed to them by their educational institutions.


Websites like UKessay and several others claim that they offer the best services to the students in the concerned industry. These websites often try to attract the students to use their services. However, most of the time, it is seen that the students instead of good grades for their assignments end up getting the opposite.

Some of the benefits or advantages that these websites claim to provide the students who utilize their services are as follows-

No “24*7” services

Most of these websites claim to provide 24*7 services to the students to ensure that they provide the best quality services to them. This helps the experts to provide the students their assignments before the stipulated deadline given to them by their educational institutions. However, most of the students, who utilize their services complain that they do not generally get reply to calls or emails after the process of registration and the payment of the money.

Expert guidance with High Prices

Most of these websites claim to have a dedicated as well as certified team with them who aspire to cater to the needs of the students. Their experts are highly trained and have an experience of more than 8 years in the concerned industry. However, most of the time, it is seen, that the assignments of the students are completed by the various freelance writers from different parts of the world who are students themselves just like the ones who take the assistance of the services provided by these websites. These websites even claim that they have experts from diverse backgrounds and they offer assistance to the students many different subjects. However, most of the time, it is seen, that they only have expert professionals only for a few subjects and the assignments for the rest of the subjects are completed by these experts only. Therefore, the assignments, which are delivered to the students give only a rough overview of the topic and not a detailed analysis of the topic as required by the student and they charges very high for all.

Average quality work

Most of these websites grab the attention of the students by saying that they provide the best quality assignment work to the students. They even go to the extent of saying, that they have an expert as well as experienced team of proofread who read all the assignments completed by the experts to ensure, that they are free from all kinds of errors particularly the typing and the grammatical errors. However, most of the time, it is seen, that the assignments, which are provided to the students are full of grammatical as well as typing errors. However, most of the time, it is seen, that the assignments completed by them are mere paraphrase of the content related to the topic, which is found on the commonly used websites and blogs.


Students, therefore, need to perform a thorough background check of the website and go through the feedbacks given by the people who have used the services of the websites before getting themselves enrolled as most of the time it is seen that instead of getting good grades the students end up getting the opposite.

Conclusion : 

It is quite expensive and deliver average quality papers.  Their support is not good; they are not working 24/7.

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