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If you are looking for some online essay writing service for writing your university or school homework essays, this is the right place you have come. There are numerous essay writing service company in the market that are providing such service to the students. However, not all the service providers provide best service to the students. Some of the companies have been reported by the customers for providing degraded service. One of such companies is and the reviews of the existing ukessay customers of the same shows the company as average service provider in the market. It has been seen that the company is degrading in its service for the last one year and the percentage of the negative reviews of the company is 88%. Therefore, this blog is intended for the students like you who are searching for online essay writing companies, in order to make them able to choose the appropriate one. Here are some of the facts from the ukessay reviews that are the reasons for the its negative reviews.


Late Delivery:

One of the major factor of the company which is responsible for the negative reviews of the company is the late delivery. There have been number of complaints from the existing customers of the company that the same often fail to provide the solutions to the students within the deadline. This issue causes marks deduction for the students in their respective educational institutions.

Poor Quality:

Most of the ukessay reviews have mentioned that the company provides the solutions paper of poor quality. The company strongly claims that the writers it has for the essay writing of the students are from the reputed universities across the world. However, the negative reviews mention that the solution papers written by the company writers are not of the professional standard. Approximately, 35% of the reviews are of the complaints about the average quality of the solution.

 Worst Proofreading Service:

The company claims to provide free proofreading service before the final delivery of the solution materials. The proofreading service however is not up to the mark as per many of the reviews. There are spelling and grammar mistakes in the solutions papers as complained by the customers.

Copy cat:

Originality to certain extent is linked with the plagiarism free solution. The papers provided by the company as solutions seem to have no originality within the same. The average writers are making the quality low of the solution paper in one hand, and on the other no genuineness of the information and data is also negatively impacting on the service of this particular company.

We hope this blog is helpful for you to find out the profile of the company. In addition, we suggest you to not go for companies with such reviews.

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