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  • irresponsive attitude.
  • Inadequate content
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  • complete money waste. review

Hi, Rihanna here. I am pursuing literature studies at Columbia University. I am a keen learner and love to do extensive research on any task I do. Last year, when my exams were coming near I got stuck with viral fever this disease came as a halt to me. I was helpless and unable to work hard. My doctor had advised me to take ample rest to avoid complications. I could either work on my assignments or study for exams. So, I had no option apart from taking assignment help. Initially, I came across review, it was good, so I chose the site. Now I think that I should not have wasted my time and money. As I availed their service, I came across many problems. Some of the major ones are:

1. High service cost

2. Copied content

3. Bad customer service

High service cost

The first thing which I would mention here is the services charges, which are not affordable to every student. I was happy with the discounts they were offering to the students who were using their service for the first time. They said that they would provide a 25% discount for that month. After the service, when I asked them for the discount they promised, they started giving me many excuses. In the end, I did not receive the discount they were boasting on their website. Since I come from an influential family, it was not a big deal for me. But then I expected an excellent assignment on their part. I was cheated there too!! If you would not read out the terms and conditions of Reviews, you can fall into their trap. For every other petty thing, they keep on adding service charges.

Copied content

Since I was busy in my tournament practice, I was not able to contact them frequently. I thought- since they are professional and managing a big team, they do not require any guidelines. But I was wrong!! After a long time when I contacted them to deliver my work, they kept making excuses. After 3-4 days they gave my work. The format was impressive, and even the content seems to be satisfactory. John and I were working on the same topic. As I showed him my work, he was surprised. He told me that the content is directly copied from some sources. As he showed me the sources, I was enraged by the service of

Bad customer service

I mailed my complaint on Review. But there was no response from their side. Finally, I decided to call them up. After ignoring my call for 4-5 times, they received my call. As I told them my issue, they asked me to send a mail to the respective authorities. Since I have already sent a mail, I was infuriated. How can they be so irresponsible!! They were unaware of the mail I already sent them a few weeks ago. However, I tried to maintain my cool and acknowledged them with the fact. After that, they started explaining various terms of their company, which says that I should pay additional charges for new add ups. Soon they realized that I am not in a mood to give a single penny for their fault and they agreed to revise my work.


As my revised work came, I checked the plagiarism on my own with the help of an online application. I found that the revised work still contains 22% of piracy. At last, I had to work for its correction. I suffered a lot due to their irresponsive attitude. Since I do not trust them due to my personal experience, I would advise not to avail the service of

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