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Fake commitments from Allassignmenthelp.com 

Allassignmenthelp.com provides poor quality, and charges extra. Their website states that they understand the different challenges students face while preparing the assignments, promising that they have expert writers who are knowledgeable on the curriculum of the students, and the different standards and formatting requirements of academic work. However, reviews show they fail to deliver the same standards of quality they promise students.


Allassignmenthelp review shows why one should not use their service if the student wants a high quality academic work:

No Experienced Writers:

The lack of experience writers is evidenced by quality of the assignments that lack the academic standards required by colleges or universities. Even though the site claims to have 35 masters degree and 7 PhD qualified writers, most of who are from the UK, such claims are hardly evidenced by the quality of work. Many students who wanted their research papers done by Allassignmenthelp.com at post graduate or PhD levels were utterly disappointed by the clear lack of expertise by the authors. Additionally, even though the service seem to mention a lot of writers employed by them, most students end up waiting in long queues to get their work done, as their writers always seemed to be overbooked. The shortage of specialized writers also meant that any specialized assignment lacking appropriate content of information, which suggests that inexperienced writers are also employed by the company to meet the business demands.

Hidden costs

They are completely fake:

The company also employs a lot of hidden costs for their services, like proofreading or editing. Such additional expense is not initially clarified to the students, and as a result they either get a poorer quality of work for not availing proofreading or editing service, or pay extra to get that done. This creates a lot of confusion among the students, and reduces the trust on the company.


Lack of Trust and Security:

Even though the company offers complete security and privacy for their service, hardly anything is explained on what they mean by such claims. Nothing is mentioned regarding how the confidentiality and privacy of the students will be maintained, and the policies regarding how they handle financial and academic information of the student are very ambiguous. Hence, the service users are never really secure from their work getting stolen or leaked, which can have major consequences for the student. This is a major trust issue for the company, and hence is advisable for the students to clarify such concerns before deciding to make any payments.


Poor Customer Service:

The company offers a round the clock customer service for the students, so that help can be availed at any point of time. However their online interface makes any queries regarding refund a frustrating experience. Many students have had to waste a lot of time trying to locate the refund option on the chat interface, and had to use different categories in order to reach support executive. Additionally, the executive seemed to be unaware of the different prerequisites of academic assignments, and hence it was a difficult process for many to place orders.

Conclusion :

According to me you should never go for this website for assignment help as they don’t serve any good quality assignment and charges are high too.

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