• Poor content
  • Fake commitments
  • Got 'C' grade

Hello all, this is Sanya from the London University. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor in literature. I have been sluggish since starting in making Assignments, Research Papers, etc. So I thought to take help from some online websites. While searching thoroughly on the internet, I got to know about I was baffled while choosing its service, so I went for review. After checking out reviews. I found it to be useful and trustworthy, so I decided to go for it.

I checked for prices. It was affordable in comparison to other websites in the market and fine for me. It was $15 for one page. I placed my order and very soon I got a message from them that my work has been initiated. I set a deadline for six days, and I read feedback in reviews that they deliver on time always. But not in my case neither I got my delivery on time nor the content was up-to the mark.

Never Trust

Online assignment is very popular so you can find many options to choose from. Almost every site gave a guarantee of being the best in the market. I didn’t have any idea about the reliable one. Moreover, the submission date was in six days, so I didn’t have even a single second to waste. I selected this site named  and started to study the website. I also started reviewing their reviews at Reviews.

Though it was difficult for me to understand each and everything on the web page as nothing was given direct. I failed to understand the services that they provide. So I thought of using their live chat option and asking them about the services that they provide. I got reply in seconds. I asked about all my doubts regarding the services that they provide so that we can start soon.


Fake commitment

They told me the web site cover everything. They have experts who will cover everything academically. They guarantee quality of their assignment is best with lowest prices. There was some discount offer going on so I even got discount of 10% so without thinking much I have finalized them.


Poor content

They delivered the assignment on time, and I was happy with that. As I had one day left before the submission date, I thought of getting the assignment checked with one of my friend. So I went to one of my friend’s house. He told me the assignment has many problems in many solutions. I told him everything about the service I used for the assignment help.

Now I didn’t have much time to get it corrected I submitted the assignment to the teacher. My teacher gave me a “c” in that assignment.  Imagine I just got passed.


I will never suggest anyone to go for this website for assignment help they have no experts worst content quality is served by them.

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