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  • fakest site
  • Lack of customer suport
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Hello I am Grey Jones .I would like to share my story it was the passage of a month that I fell ill due to environment change. I did my schooling and graduation from Spain, and then I got this great opportunity to join Institute of the Education University of London, for higher studies. I didn’t want to miss the chance, so I moved to the place. It was maybe because of change in the environment and surroundings that I fell ill in the first month of joining the college. I missed a lot academically, during that time. Further moving to the course, it was hard for me to cover up with some subjects. That was not all, my teachers started giving assignments, which was a new thing to me. Not the assignments but their importance. As we needed to submit these assignments to improve our internal assessment marks. The thing was, if the students failed to submit these assignments, it would have a negative impact on 40% of the total semester’s score. As I missed a lot academically in the starting, I was scared of failing the semester.


As it was about my career I had to do something about it. I thought of taking some advice from a senior I have known in the college. Micky was the guy I went to, he was the guy known for getting good grades, and all of that was because of his internal score. He never failed to miss even a single percent in his internal assessment. So he was the right person to discuss my problem with. The solution that he gave me after listening to my problem was something I didn’t have any idea on at that time. He told me about the assignment writing services. I never heard about such services before, maybe because I never felt their need earlier. So, now I had the solution to me and an assignment needs to submit in five days. I went back home and searched for the assignment services on the internet. There were plenty of sites providing assignment solutions, which got me confused as I didn’t have any idea of the reliable ones. The one thing Mack told me about these sites was, the shorter deadline I will put for the delivery of the assignment, the more they will charge. I am a student living away from my family. I had a limited amount of money with me at that time. So, I didn’t have a chance to waste time.



I found this site named The web page of this site looked good. Also, there were a lot of discounts mentioned. So, I thought of using its services. I went through the services that they mentioned, and in the management subject, I didn’t see my subject. But I cited “MBA assignment”there, and then I decided to talk to their customer support team through live chat. There was some error in the connection or some other problem which they used as an excuse for replying late to me.Eventually, they told me that they cover the subject I need the assignment on, which was enough for meat that time. On top of that, the estimation of the price they told me was also affordable.So, I placed the order and waited for it to deliver. The problem was, now I had only five days to submit the assignment. To decrease the risk of the delivery of assignment I gave them the deadline of four days.They delivered the assignment by the afternoon of the fifth day. I was angry and had texted their support team many times since the fourth day to which they didn’t bother to reply. But because I didn’t have time as it was the submission day I calm myself down.



I submitted the assignment and waited for it to get checked. My teacher gave me a “B+” in the assignment, which was not what I expected. That was the time I lost my cool and thought of complaining about it to their customer support team. As they were the one manipulating me all the time! I complain about all the problems and even suggested some improvement, to which they did not respond.Overall I would say, is the fakest site I have seen. Their customer support team is the most manipulative and fail to keep all their promises. There are no professionals or expert writers with them. The quality of the content is worst and their reviews are also fake which they have mentioned on reviews. All they have is their prices and discounts which help them trap all the students. I will never be ordering anything from them.

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