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I am Marry from London University. I am not much into writing, so I don’t like writing assignments also. Most of the time, my friends and cousins used to help me in writing assignments. I am a Basketball player, so busy in practicing basketball and didn’t get time to concentrate on studies and assignments. Our exams are about to start and I have not prepared anything. And for the first time we have to submit the assignment on the first day of semester exam. I don’t have any idea regarding the exam preparation and assignment submission. Somehow, I managed to complete the assignment of the subject and only one was left. I am having problem in one subject and not able to complete the assignment of that particular subject. I had a hectic schedule because at the same time have to study and also practice for my basketball. Choosing GlobalAssignmentHelp.com came out to be a Worst Decision!


Finally, I have to submit the assignment within the given deadline. So, one of my friend suggested me about the online sites which provide help to the students in completing their assignments. So I searched for online assignment help sites. Then finally I choose GlobalAssignmentHelp for my assistance. As I was satisfied with the services and pricing structure they have mentioned on the portal. I also read various GlobalAssignmentHelp review which seemed promising. So, I contacted their customer team and told them about my submission date. They assured me that they will deliver my assignment before the given deadline, but they failed to do so.



Talking about the content which I received is one of the most frustrating part for me. There were so many mistakes and the formatting was also not correct. My basic requirements were not met. They call themselves professionals, but my assignment was speaking just reverse! I already got my assignment late and on top of that the quality was worst, so I had to submit it like that only because i was already running late of the deadline. Due to this I got really poor grades. GlobalAssignmentHelp.com Review is totally opposite of what I was expecting. They are scammers and only money makers. Conclusion: GlobalAssignmentHelp.com Reviews- Not a good Site! I have faced many problems and I am not at all satisfied with their services. They also told me that, they will provide discount but they didn’t. Even the quality of the assignment was not appropriate and they had not provided the assignment on the mentioned date. So, I will not recommend GlobalAssignmentHelp.com to anyone as they do fake promises and provide poor quality assignments. It’s a total waste of money and time.



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